Awards & Nomination Parameters

Award : IT Person of the Year
Nomination Parameter : Made major impact on Indian IT industry in the past 1-2 yrs in-terms of growth, new direction setting etc; Got outstanding growth for his/her company in the last financial year; Impeccable business & personal integrity; Seen as a leader in the Industry; Has not won the DQ IT Person of the Year award in the past 5 years

Award : Pathbreaker of the Year Nomination Parameter : A person / institution / project
for pathbreaking or outstanding achievement in technology, business models, applications etc ---someone/something that has broken new ground, carved out a path for others to follow.

Award : Lifetime Achievement in IT
Nomination Parameter : Achievement in the lifetime in IT Sector,its growth, promotion etc ; Major impact on Indian industry in lifetime; Business & personal integrity

Honoring Excellence and Innovation
Dataquest Jury awards are the most prestigious awards comprising of IT Person of the Year, Lifetime Achievement and Path Breaker.

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